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Caitlin Marsh

After interning in 2018 for a Freelance Business Consultancy Startup in Bali, I knew that it was UX design that I wanted a career in. With a Bachelor of Arts degree, working in tech was a completely new experience for me, but one I had to explore. Having the privilege to work out of the leading co-working space in the world according to Traveller Lifestyle, Dojo Bali was beyond what I thought an internship destination could entail. Working remotely with top international entrepreneurs, attending events from Marketing to Javascript, and partnering with leading business advisors, I discovered a network of 'digital nomads'. 

I experienced first hand what the freelance traveller lifestyle was like, and networked closely with many I now idolise. Co-working spaces are entrepreneurial hubs for like-minded people to work and network together, accessible to anyone and pretty much anywhere which is why I decided to create a site to inspire, inform and integrate female digital nomads. Whether you're looking to get away to develop an existing business, or simply curious to see what it's all about, FEMINADS is a platform that will accommodate all. Pinpointing the top co-working hotspots around the world, we make the decision to work and travel a little easier for you. With regular updates on travel, accommodation, co-working spaces, events and so much more, you can use this site to navigate your way from thinking to doing. 

FEMINADS is specifically tailored towards both aspiring and inspiring female digital nomads. As a young woman I know it can be difficult to network and find connections with people in a new place, especially if you're travelling alone. That's why I created a platform that not only informs, but connects women together using our membership and Facebook Group, providing you the access to reach out before, during and after your transfer. We share blogs, tips & tricks, experiences and guides from those at all stages of their nomadic journey, to help encourage females to become FEMINADS.


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 Feminads works with some of the top international entrepreneurs on a daily basis, willing to deliver their experiences and provide successful tips & tricks for your business. Sharing inspirational success stories can help guide you on to the right path, and most importantly learning how to stay on it. So check out what events are on near you here.



Whether you're in a group on vacation or a solo traveller here for the long run, this is where you can find travel advice best tailored to you. From finding our top 10 places to eat, to shopping in our favourite streets, this guide will help find your way. Check out what you want to do, and where you want to go here. 



Meeting new people and making connections can be difficult when you've landed in a new place. So that's why Feminads brings like-minded people together through our facebook group and weekly social events. From talks in the conference room to beers on the beach, this site encourages networking for both personal and business benefits. Start meeting friends today here.


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